House Rules

Download the Guest Information, House Rules and Liability Waiver.  Each adult must sign and return prior to arrival.

Guest Information v5.5

Sometimes guests don’t understand why the house rules are enforced.  They are there to keep you safe,  maintain our business license and comply with insurance requirements.  If you show up early or have unregistered guests, we will notice.  It is not the best way to start your vacation.  Hopefully you can appreciate the dilemma  you create for our business when you don’t comply. 

The insurance company requires that each adult sign the license / waiver and that identity to be checked.  Florida requires that we know the name of each guest.  This also protects against credit card fraud and other nefarious activities; use of vacation rentals for sex and drug trafficking is increasing. Sometimes people will book a reservation for others and not show up themselves; if the unregistered guests break something, collection against an unknown person is difficult. Since we aren’t on-site, its impossible to verify that we have real signatures and the ID helps confirm that the guests are real people who have agreed to the terms.  We require a minimum age for our adult guests; this is how we verify that we aren’t hosting a rowdy spring break party.  We have a max occupancy of 10 persons and this helps identify groups planning to throw an over-occupancy party. Hotels normally check ID, sign agreements and have cameras. More and more vacation rentals are doing it too when they encounter guest problems that their Online Booking Agent doesn’t resolve for lack of proof.  …  I could go on.