Who made that noise?

We had a visitor last night. Who’s there?

Lunch must be in here.

One of the wildlife features of this area are black bears. This one was just a baby. In October, they like to pack on the pounds for their winter hibernation, so they will sometimes get a little braver. He is looking for the trash cans. He found them later. Too bad, they were empty — no lunch here.

Return to Paradise

We have returned to work on maintenance items at Paradise by the Sea.  The beach is a little different, cleaned up and smoothed out by Tropical Storm Nestor.  Mostly thing are in good shape, but we will have a lot of maintenance jobs to get things ready for next summer.

Here is a big Thank You to all our guests this year.  It was a good year for us.   We were pretty much booked from March to September. Not many problems this year at all; a few broken thing, but stuff happens.  Some of you left some gifts, thanks for that.   In the end, we even made a few bucks.  

Thanks to all the folks that helped hold the place together this year.  Karen Smith, Kim  Wallace, Gary Mathis and Glenn Ruzzi did a great job.


Photo Gallery – night sky

I love night photography. Because we are so far from civilization here, the sky on a moonless night is VERY dark. The stars will dazzle you. To reproduce the photos shown here you probably need more than a smart phone. You need a camera that will allow you to set time exposures and a tripod. Most of the night pictures here were taken with a Cannon Rebel T2i with 30s exposure and the stock lens.